What a Drag!

This game was made from 2016 to 2017, mostly during summer break. I had this idea for a game where you'd drag everything around with your mouse, and so I started work. Now I didn't plan on making a lot of graphics for the game, so everything just ended up being plain colored rectangles.

With 25 unique levels, 7 different block types, speedrun timers and challenging collectibles, this is my most ambitious solo project as of writing this. It was one of those projects that I just put more and more work in because I had a lot of free time, and I never really had a plan to release it, so it just grew and grew and grew.

All of the assets, music, sound effects, and level design is done by me

The level editor

As my final project for high school, I made a level editor for What a Drag! It was way too big of a project to really get to a level where it could be integrated into the game, but the functionality is mostly there. Naturally, I was inspired by the editor I was using, Unity, and so I tried to copy their editor design.

The levels can be saved and transferred to another user, so in the future I might actually get around to creating a level sharing system! For now, however, the game will lie dormant, a relic of my past, but a personal milestone none the less