TGA Project 2

This time we made a mobile game. We used Lara Croft Go as our reference game. In this project, I was a gameplay programmer, working on game managers and the player. This game was made in unity.

We submitted this game to The Rookies mobile game of the year award, and we won!

One of the effects in the game, the season change screenwipe, I did by projecting the position of the tile into screenspace and calculating the distance from the center of the screen to figure out when the tile should change from its winter variant to its summer variant and vice versa. It's actually very simple, the wipe circle grows at a constant rate, and so we can calculate how long it will take for the circle to reach the tile.

I would have liked to have done this with a sort of masking system, where the tile would switch gradually to its alternate version, but I did not know how, so this is the best I could do

The coroutines simply waits the alotted time and then performs the switch instantaneously

This function can also perform the switch instantly by passing 0 as the transition time argument, and that is how the season is set at the start of the level. The transition that is performed on the blocks can also be expanded to play an animation, or do anything to the tile that is triggered.