Game jam games


Fight for Food

The theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres". So we combined combat and cooking. For almost everybody in our group, this was the first game we had ever made in a group. It was chaos and messy and the game is buggy like nothing else, but by gosh we had a great time.

I did most, if not all of the programming. It was a hefty task, programming a game alone in 3 days, but I'm very happy with what we managed to cobble together.

The next game we made, however, would be a lot more consise and playable.

Out of Space

When the theme was "Running out of Space", we took it literally. You're a guy on a space station, and a huge alien thing is attacking. You have to literally run "out" of space. It's a running and avoiding obstacles type game.

Again, I worked as the only programmer, but this time I also made some animations and all the sounds and music. I also designed the second level of the game.

This game scored a LOT better than the last game, getting more than twice as high up in the overall scoring.

Devilman Tossbaby

Theme: Sacrifices must be made. We were far from the only ones who though about religious sacrifices. In this game, you've struck a deal with satan. He gives you magical powers and strength, but you have to give him souls every day. You terrorize your village, killing everyone and throwing them into hell.

I was the sole programmer again, and I made animations and music. This time, the resulting code was actually incredibly flexible. We could make tons and tons of levels if we just had the time to. There are many different enemy types and unique levels. I'm very very happy with everything about this game. The moment to moment gameplay feels tight and rewarding. It's challenging but not impossible, and the aesthetic is just so much fun.

As a commenter said: "Its a wonderful feeling to chuck a farmer into a pit of hell :>"

Devil's Mining Co.

This is by far the game I'm least proud of. We were only a few people, and we were already really tired because it was the last month of our education. So of course the game quality suffered. I'm still happy with the ideas and concepts here, but the code and gameplay is incredibly messy.

I worked as a solo programmer, musician, and level designer. Things were tough, and the result shows that.