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We're a group of 16 (originally 17) game developers who got together at TGA Malmö and made three games together as part of our course in game development. We had a wonderful time making these games, and we're so very proud of them. Being made in 2020-2021, we had to stay home because of the pandemic. This resulted in having to work remotely. This was a great challenge that we overcame beautifully. The challenges of working during the pandemic don't need to be harped on, but they effected us greatly.

The entire game engine that the games run on has been made from scratch, starting in the beginning of the first game project, during our programmers' graphics course. This presented a lot of problems and challenges because of the highly custom and limited scope of the engine. Graphics artists, for example, initially couldn't utilize effects like detail normals and materials. Technical artists were limitied in what kind of effects could be made, and how resources could be supplied. And then there was the challenge of the editor, because the level loading, too, had to be made from scratch. We ended up using Unity and exporting positional and component data to binary files. And worst of all, animators couldn't implement anything until halfway through the project, because skinned animations had to be implemented from scratch.

We did have a lot of fun bonding over the course of the year of working together. We overcame many challenges together, we posted a hell of a lot of memes, and we played a lot of games together. Leaving this group and school behind has made us sad, because we really enjoy working together.

We hope you enjoy our games as much as we enjoyed making them!

Members (linked with their portfolio):


Alexander S. Jansson

Carl Sjölander


Adam Nygren

Alexander Schwandner

Fredrik Hägg

Marcus Krol

Level design

Jonas Henriksson

Mirelle Eriksson

Sara Lövgren


Edit Hansson

Hugo Rogmark

Jonas Krantz

Jonathan Söderman

Tobias Grönwall

Technical Artists

Daniel Bengtsson

Hector Sandberg

Former members
Rémi Mrozek

Elina Majormaa