Some of my other projects

I've been making games for about 10 years now, and these are some of the things I've made outside of my studies and work. This ranges from tech demos to game jams to full games.

Web pages

I've made a few neat websites over the years, some more useful than others

What a Drag! (2017)

My most ambitious solo project. Made in my free time during high school, this game is a very challenging puzzle platformer.

Polysmith (2018)

This game manifested from the idea to be able to create weapons of any shape in an RPG game, and so I set out to create a demo for it in a month!

Ember & Isabelle (2018)

The thesis project of me and a friend of mine. We had the goal to examine the effects of UI design on moral judgement, so we made a story game based around morality and decisions. The game is available to play on GameJolt!

Space clone + editor (2016)

I made a space invaders clone as a first game project for my programming 1 class. It evolved a great deal and so I made an editor for it.

Lots of tiny games (2016-2018)

I really like to make games. I made a lot of tiny games when I was just starting out in order to try everything I could imagine. Some of the game types I made were:

  • VR games
  • Arcade games
  • Clones of other games
  • Strange puzzle games
  • Literally just rock paper scissors

Clone mania (2018)

I played a lot of osu!mania for a while, and so I made a clone of that game with a primitive editor. It still has a long ways to go before being a game I would call close to finished, but the concepts are all there.

Game jam games (2017-2018)

Four times in a row I was part of Ludum Dare, a game jam, with a few friends from school. Making games as a group and under pressure was incredibly fun, formative, and difficult. We improved a lot from game to game.