7 projects from my time at TGA

At TGA, I had the wonderful opportunity to make 8 different games in group projects. It was a tremendously formative experience and it has given me programming and people skills for life.


My latest game at TGA. A third person shooter made with Resident Evil 2 (2019) as a reference. As of writing this, the game is still in active development.

  • Complex enemy interaction
  • Additive animations & animation manipulation
  • Implementation of detail normals & UV sets

Spite: Into the Ratacombs

My first game made in an engine we made at TGA. This came with many, many challenges, and prioritizing the right thing was vital. In the end, we pulled through beautifully and managed a really neat game.


This was our final project of TGA year one, and it was a very fun one. Although the production was very messy, we managed to fit a lot of punch into one tiny game.

  • High level sprite rendering
  • Dialogue trees & implementation
  • Sprite animation tool & implementation
Dialogue system
Dialogue system
Animation tool
Animation tool
Player movement
Player movement

Harry Hopper

This platforming game had a very messy development due to covid, but in the end we managed to pull through with a pretty good game. Although we couldn't foresee the circumstances, I think our team did a good job of pulling through and getting the game done despite them.

  • Player movement
  • All around gameplay programming

Colonel Panic

A shoot-em-up game made in TGA's own c++ directX engine. This was a blast of a game to make, and my team was amazing. I'm incredibly happy with how this game turned out.

  • Boids as gameplay
  • Enemy behaviour

Also some meta-tools, like sending commit messages to discord and a discord bot which helps to organize the project.


The award winning mobile puzzle game Lynx was one of my most most favourite games to work on. I'm so very proud of us in the team and what we managed to accomplish. The game was made in Unity, and I mainly worked as a systems and gameplay programmer.

  • Player movement
  • Tile grid system
  • Particle- & Screenwipe effects


My first TGA game! This obstacle avoidance game was a blast to make, and a really great introduction for me to proper group work. Prior to this I had only made game jam games as a group, and this collaborative effort brought me into the light of how great a game can become with teamwork.

  • Main character gameplay
  • Level creation tools (Spline)